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Meeker’s Keagan Edmonds – Football Spotlight – Presented by Vision Bank

By Payton Moody
Keagan Edmonds is a sophomore football talent from Meeker High School. Edmonds’ young football career has already been marked by significant growth, determination, and a commitment to excellence.

When asked about his favorite coach throughout his career, Edmonds didn’t hesitate to mention Coach Lang. “My favorite coach throughout my career is Coach Lang because he has helped me grow my strength and build my basic skills in football,” Edmonds said. “He has also showed me the value of hard work and dedication to prove my worth to the team.”

Teammates can be a crucial source of inspiration, and for Edmonds, Ajay Lynch fits this role perfectly.

“Ajay Lynch has supported me and helped me grow my skills at running back,” Edmonds said. “He has also motivated me to be a better running back and player in general. He has also showed me and demonstrated hard work and makes sure I’m always giving 100% in practice.”

In the realm of academics, Edmonds found support from Mr. Hargus, his favorite teacher. Mr. Hargus’s
support in powerlifting and willingness to help with any academic challenges left a lasting impact on Edmonds.

To prepare for the upcoming season, Edmonds focused on enhancing his strength, footwork and tackling skills. These improvements reflect his dedication to becoming a stronger and more versatile player.

Football isn’t just about the game; it’s a school of life. “My sport has taught me the value of hard work,” Edmonds said. “It has proven that hard work does pay off and if you keep grinding and being patient,
you will get where you want eventually.” These life lessons extend far beyond the football field.

As the new season approaches, Edmonds’ goals are straightforward but ambitious: “I want to help my
team fight to win a district championship and prove everyone wrong about us.”

Looking ahead, Edmonds’ plans after high school include pursuing a scholarship and a quality education in college.

Ultimately, he aspires to make it to the NFL, but he’s also determined to secure a well-paying job and build a fulfilling life, including finding a partner. Keagan Edmonds is undeniably a rising star in the world of football, and his journey is one to watch.

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